Monday, February 14, 2005

Children In Need

I want to talk about the unfortunate children who live in this part of the world.
Not like ordinary children, these children are playing with stones and if lucky water. That is if there is enough water to drink in some part of the country.

Because of the wars, there are thousands of orphans living on their own. Especially after the war. Some of these children are being abused by gangs and terrorirsts and theives and etc.

Children as young as 6 trying to get a living for the family is very normal. Last year we had someone coming back from Europe and he was talking about why these children don't go to schools.

I told them these children don't have enough food to eat that is why they are working hard.

But with the help of the west, in Kurdistan, now things are getting better. Despite all the dangers.

Every year 100s of children gets killed in Kurdistan because of the mines. There are about 12 Million mines in Iraqi Kurdistan. Wherever you go there are mines.

Charities like Kurdistan Save The Children has been working hard to help us. Now the charity is also working in Baghdad and in some other parts to help all children.

Donating to charities like Kurdistan Save The Children (which is part of the British Save The Children) is a great job towards humanity and your help as little as possible would SAVE A CHILD !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

selam eleikum..
i love KURDISTAN.. and i just want to say, PLZ, PLZ, NEVER, FORGET HALABJA!!

freedom and justice for kurdish people

11:21 PM  
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Children are worthy.

1:20 AM  
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